Ayersville Community Natatorium

The Ayersville Local Schools has launched a natatorium donation campaign in an attempt to keep our pool open until tax revenues start to flow once again. In November 2021, the pool levy was defeated by 2 votes resulting in the end of the tax revenue used to pay for the operations of the pool. Although we successfully passed the natatorium levy in May of 2022, taxes will not be collected until March 2023. This lack of revenue forced us to make the extremely difficult decision to close the pool at the end of the 2021-2022 school year until tax revenue is once again collected.

On average, the pool costs $10,000 per month to operate. This amount includes salary and benefits for the pool managers and lifeguards in addition to maintenance for the pool. Our goal is to raise at least $70,000 in order to reopen the pool to students and the community in September – 7 months earlier than planned. We are hoping that you can help us reach that goal.

By opening the pool in September, Ayersville will again be able to offer open swim and swim lessons to the community, allow our 1st-12th grade students to swim during physical education classes, and allow our district to house a competitive swim team during this school year. 

To make a donation, scan the QR code or click this link