Hannah Martin is the CFO/Treasurer of Ayersville Local School District. Her prior role was in the private sector at a local financial institution, where she was the Accounting Manager for over 5 years. Mrs. Martin has 7+ years of financial management experience. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Concentration in Organizational Leadership Degree from Defiance College. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting from Defiance College where she graduated Summa cum Laude (highest honor).

Mrs. Martin is a member of the Ohio Association of School Business Officials (OASBO).

Financial Transparency

Ayersville Local Schools realizes the value of being transparent with the district's finances. In an effort to do so, we have implemented multiple initiatives to help us share information with our community. We now publish an easy-to-understand monthly financial report showing the current finances of the district. To access the monthly financial reports, click the link below.

Monthly Financial Reports

The Auditor of State's office conducts audits of cities, villages, schools, universities, counties, fire districts, townships, cemeteries, libraries, state and county agencies, and commissions. The office must review the methods, accuracy and legality of the accounts, financial reports, records and files of all public entities. It is the responsibility of the Financial Audit Group to determine whether or not the entity has complied with the law, rules, ordinances and orders pertaining to the office. Each fiscal year, the Auditor of State’s office releases approximately 4,000 financial audits. A portion of the audits are conducted by Independent Public Accounting (IPA) firms. Ayersville is audited annually. To look at Ayersville's most recent audit, click the link below.

Annual Audit Search - Ohio Auditor of State

The Ohio Checkbook puts government transparency at your fingertips. It serves as the singular and most trusted resource for Ohioans to obtain both local and state financial information. The Ohio Checkbook is a result of a joint initiative from two first-of-their-kind sites, and Ohio's Interactive Budget. The collective effort enhances government transparency by providing real-time state financial and transactional data. Users can view online government spending, as well as how revenue is allocated. To access the site, click the link below.

Ohio Checkbook

Also be sure to checkout the live feed on the district website each Friday for Finance Fridays! A different piece of information will be highlighted each week!

Ayersville Local Schools Live Feed

Miscellaneous Financial Documents