Pilot Nation,

Starting this week we will be moving to our new digital ticket platform for all home high school football and volleyball games.  All tickets should be purchased using the digital platform online or using your phone, there will be no money at the gate.  We know that this may be new for some of our community members but with the OHSAA going strictly digital for all tournament games it will help us transition into the digital ticketing avenue.  

The following are directions for where to go purchase your digital tickets:

  1. Visit our new school website at, find the schools drop down at the top of the page and click on athletics, once on the athletics page click on the menu and there will be a Tickets option,  On that page use the link Vanco Events to go to our school page to find the event you wish to attend. 


2. Scan the QR with your camera on your phone and it will take you to our events page to purchase tickets.

If you have purchased all sports passes or hold a golden pilot pass, those will still work for these events.  Simply show your pass at the gate to enter.  

If you have any questions please email Rafael Manriquez at or call the athletic office at 419-395-1111 Ext: 201