Skeleton Models

Anatomy II students are currently learning about special senses: sight, hearing and balance. Students are starting with layers and structures of the eye. Before studying the ear, we will have the opportunity to dissect cow eyes to reinforce what has been taught in class. Anatomy II has also been busy preparing for the annual Blood Drive, which is on Friday, March 4. 

Anatomy I students have started learning about the skeletal system, including types and composition of bones. Students made models using household items of skeletons that accurately represented 20 of the most common bones in the human body. Currently, student are focusing on learning all the bones of the skull. 

After spending much of the year on cells, Biology students have started a different topic- Natural Selection. Students have already reviewed Charles Darwin, his discoveries and his theory of Natural Selection. Students have been having fun showing their knowledge through Natural Selection Cartoons. Next up, we will be looking at evidence to support Natural Selection. 

Seventh grade scientists just wrapped up a unit on energy pyramids, cellular respiration, and photosynthesis. During this unit, students completed many activities and labs to demonstrate their knowledge. Shown in the picture below are students drawing in some of the major organs of the digestive system. This was a part of a mini project connecting the digestive system and cellular respiration. 

ACT Science Preparation students have been working on practice science ACT questions with a time limit for the actual ACT on March 1.