Picture me with a trumpet announcing to you all that some of the biggest and best local scholarships yet have arrived!

If you are going to apply to any local scholarships (which is a great idea if you are planning to go to college/trade school next year) then make it this one as you will have the ability to access SIX local scholarships with ONE application (2- $1000 Ayersville Education Foundation scholarships, 2- $1000 Derge Memorial scholarships, 1- $500 Stevens Scholarship,  1- $1000 Craig McCord scholarship).

These scholarships are open to any Ayersville High School 12th grade student who is planning to enroll in college or trade school in the fall. 

These don't automatically go to the top students in your class! Give yourself a chance! Even if you don't think you will get it, please apply anyways!! It could be really worth your time!  Senior parents, feel free to encourage your students to apply!

This scholarship application and all of the additional attachments (such as letters of recommendation) are due back to Mrs. Niese by 3:00pm Friday February 18, 2022.

The application and instructions are posted on the guidance website scholarship listing found here:   This particular application is listed as 2022 Ayersville Local Common Scholarship Application.  From there you will be able to download the word file to type your application.  Please be sure to follow all instructions.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you! -Mrs Niese