If you missed the in-person College Credit Plus meeting on
November 17, then you will need to complete this virtual information
session if you would like to open the door to CCP possibilities in your
schedule for next school year.

If you are at all considering taking any type of college
credit plus course for the 2022-2023 school year, you must complete
this required counseling session in order to do so, due to the risks involved in the program. It is just
the first step.  The Ohio Department of Education Intent to Participate form is due no later than April 1, 2022, but the sooner you turn it in, the sooner you can start working on the follow up steps.

College credit plus is a complicated program and there
are many steps involved. You must make sure you are following all the
steps and understand all the risks to be able to participate.  If you
signed into the in-person session that was offered on November 17, then
you have already completed this step! If you weren't able to make it to
the in-person session then you will need to follow these steps below.

There are 3 steps to this virtual counseling process:

1) If you are
interested, you and your parent(s) must click through and read every
slide of this google slideshow (this meets the counseling session requirement). Start here:

2) Near the end there is a link that you
and your parent(s)/guardian(s) must click on that will bring you to the
google form entitled "Ayersville College Credit Plus Information
Counseling Session for the 2022-20223School Year".

3)You must complete and submit this
google form in order to have proof that you have completed the required
counseling session, and to receive further information.

Onceyou have submitted the google form, I will then send out the required
Intent to Participate form to the email you provide in the form.  This
form is the next required step.  It needs initialed and signed by
parent(s)/guardians and is due back to Ayersville High School office by
April 1, 2022.  This is a deadline set forth by the Ohio Department of

After that step is
completed, the "door" to college credit plus courses opens up for you
for next school year.  You then must take and complete all admission
steps to the college you wish to apply to and take your courses
through.  Failure to complete any of these steps, could mean failure to take CCP courses. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about the program! Thank you!