Students are currently working on assembling and editing their autoethnographies. This video project is the culminating reflective piece in students’ portfolios, and they have been working on it the entire semester. Recording upwards of fifteen reflective videos since January, they have documented the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of their work as researchers and writers. For their final project they must review their videos and assemble them into a meaningful representation of what they learned about their topic, about their research process, and about themselves as writers.

English 12

Senior English students recently reimagined the rhetorical situation of a research paper that they wrote. They then fashioned infographics to meet the needs and expectations of their new audience and their new purpose. Up next: Macbeth.

English 10

A huge congratulations to all the students in Sophomore English! They just completed the Ohio End of Course Exam for English Language Arts! It’s a grueling two-day test, but these students have been working hard all year to further develop their reading and writing skills, and I’m sure they did their very best. Up next: Poetry—just in time for National Poetry Month!