Freshmen English

     Freshmen English Students Have SMART Goals: Students in Mrs. Edmonds’ freshmen English class recently started a Goal Unit. They set personal SMART goals for their futures, focusing on their careers and personal lives, and created visual Goal Shields. Throughout this unit, they will be reading literature with characters and people who have goals. The first literature they read, appropriately enough, was Martin Luther King, Jr’s. “I Have a Dream” speech. They completed some individual research about Martin Luther King. They, also, watched the historical video of the March on Washington and the footage of King presenting his famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Students then wrote their own creative “I Have a Dream” poems, sharing their hopes for the future of our country and world. To bring their poems to life visually, students used the lines of their poems to create an iMovie project, complete with pictures, music, and their own voice recording of their hopeful written words, which was presented to the class.