World Cultural Exploration  - Culture Quilt Project

World Cultural Exploration:  To commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), students have completed a Culture Quilt project in which individual panels were threaded together, representing the many countries of Central America, South America and Spanish-speaking countries in the Caribbean.  Each panel contains the national flag of each country, a map, national symbols such as a national bird or flower and national cuisine or a culinary delight.  As you can see, it turned out beautifully! 

Spanish 1:  Students have been busy learning how to express their likes and dislikes in Spanish and have completed a poster project, illustrating their preferred activities and hobbies.  Students are also currently learning to describe their personality traits in Spanish, using descriptive adjectives!

Spanish 2:  Students are reviewing core concepts from Spanish 1, while learning many new action verbs in Spanish.  We have just completed composing original story “books” and have shared these with our peers to read and review these important concepts in context!

Spanish 3:  We are learning how to describe actions that occurred in the past, along with fun food and restaurant vocabulary terms!  Students have just composed a restaurant review letter, detailing a past dining experience in Spanish.  Next, we will script our restaurant skits and perform them live in class!

College Credit Plus Spanish:  We have just completed our first chapter, learning an abundance of new vocabulary terms in addition to completing a culture and history unit about Spain.  For the next chapter, we are exploring vocabulary that will help us describe nostalgic childhood experiences and discuss inter-generational communication between cultures!  In this class, every day presents a new opportunity to further explore and enhance our conversational Spanish skills and apply them to learning about Spanish-speaking cultures and peoples.