Math Team Practice

The Applied Algebra classes are learning about solving equations and inequalities with practical applications such as "Which cell phone plan is better if I plan to use lots of texting, the one that charges a set fee for unlimited texts or the pay as you go plan?"

Algebra 1 students have begun their unit on functions and will be delving into the graphing capabilities of their graphing calculators. This class is a flipped classroom with videos to watch at night and homework done in class the next day with the teacher there to assist with questions. It also has an end of course exam that the students are preparing for all year.

Advanced Math students are reviewing their knowledge about functions and are also learning a lot of new skills on their graphing calculators. Students in this class can join the math team.  The OCTM math competition will be this Friday at school and the next competition will be on November 6th at Bluffton University.